I offer the following genealogy services. All services include a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. I charge £20 per hour for online/paper tree creation, newsletters and advice. Pricing for tuition and other services can vary depending on the amount of work involved. Please contact me for further details and prices.


    I can teach you how to research your family history, on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. If you are in or near Oxfordshire, England, just get in touch.


    I can advise on setting up a genealogy course for beginners or more experienced students, including what to prepare, facilities required, and suggested course outlines.


    I can create an online tree for you, using the information you provide, saving you precious time and allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology to share your tree with family members. Why not take inspiration from my tree here?


    I can create a paper tree for you, using information you supply and to your exact specifications.


    I can advise on breaking through brick walls, where to go next, or how to find out more. Visit the Contact page to find out more.


    I can create a family newsletter for you, using information you supply. I also offer a family history newsletter editing service for societies. As an experienced copy editor and proof-reader, I have the skills to ensure a professional product for your society members.


    I can organize your photos, letters, clippings or certificates to ensure that they are preserved for future generations.


    I can offer talks to history groups, school groups, or other organizations. Contact me to arrange talks in the Oxfordshire area.


    I can advise you on putting together a family history. Maybe you had an ancestor who lived a colourful life and you'd like to write about them. I'll show you how to get started, and how to find pictures and documents to illustrate your account.


    Why not commission a tree for someone? It would make a very special birthday or anniversary gift. Gift vouchers also available for any amount you choose.


Some comments from students who have been on my courses

“Jessica made us all feel positive and was so helpful when we ran into dead ends. … Lots of help and enthusiasm to achieve what we wanted.”

“Had a really enjoyable experience, solely due to our excellent tutor. The hours just whizzed by. Thank you.”

“Extremely helpful for people who are very new to this sort of investigation.”

“Very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable on her subject.”

“Everything was great but especially having an expert tutor on hand to guide us.”

“Relaxed, helpful, always available. Nothing was too much trouble for her.”

“This course has given me much more confidence to carry on on my own.”

“Very enjoyable - Jessica has been very helpful and given me lots of info on how to progress my search.”

“Extremely helpful and well organised course. Thank you for the useful tips.”

“An excellent course enabling me to explore other websites and trace my family further back than I had previously been able to.”

“Excellent course. Tutor extremely helpful. Great handouts!”

“Thanks for yesterday's workshop. It felt like (literally) stepping into another world; your delivery and generosity (re web-sites, tips, advice et al) much appreciated. Needless to say, the Pandora's box has been opened now.”

“Thanks for a great course - I'm totally hooked!! Forget the gardening!”

“Wow thank you so much - hugely appreciated, especially the family tree. I had no idea about my great great grandparents. Fascinating stuff - I'm amazed at your research skills!”


Genealogy is the study of family pedigrees, our descendants and ancestors. Family history looks at events and places as well as just recording the names and dates of family members. It is growing more and more popular as people discover that the Internet makes it so easy to do and more books, websites and records are becoming available all the time. It’s a great way of bring families together and members of all ages can get involved.


Learning about your family’s history helps you understand why they made certain choices and how they were affected by world events, why you were born where you were and even why certain recipes or songs have been passed down in your family.

As well as finding out about your ancestors, you can discover living relatives and distant cousins, and share photos and family stories with them. You will also be able to document and record the family history you discover, so that future generations will be able to benefit too.

In the process you will meet new people and learn new skills, and who knows what opportunities that will lead to?


Researching your family tree is great fun, but it can also be frustrating and confusing. With my guidance you can be sure that you’re doing it in a professional manner. You’ll avoid some of the pitfalls that others fall into and you won’t waste your time and money following false trails.

I will help you produce a family tree that you'll be proud to share with your children and grandchildren.

As an experienced genealogy tutor I am very aware of the mistakes beginners can make and I’ll help you avoid them. I’ll be on hand to offer you unbiased and practical advice and suggestions, supporting you as you become more experienced and knowledgeable.


Please email me or fill in the contact form here if you have any questions or would like to find out more about my tuition and other services.